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About KUKACARES Foundation

With 8 of our supplier partners, KUKA has established the KUKACARES Foundation. This is a spinoff of our internal KUKACARES program which will promote new opportunities to broaden our community scope and corporate citizenship. The mission remains to directly support the well-being of the families in our community and those families serving in our community. We have registered the foundation as a Non-Profit Organization – 501(c)(3). This includes the formation of Bylaws and a Distribution, Contribution and Governance Committee.

We have an amazing team of employees, contingent workers and suppliers who have always been so generous with supporting our community and each other. The scale of this generosity will now be elevated to a new level. The KUKACARES Foundation allows us to join forces with our partners to grow this community spirit.

KUKACARES Foundation Mission

The mission of the KUKACARES Foundation remains to directly support the well-being of the families in our community and those families serving in our community.

The KUKACARES Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. All proceeds go to the foundation. Administrative costs are provided by KUKA Systems North America and our Foundation Partners.

We thank all the partners who have embraced this cause and have joined our team. Together, we have an exciting future.

Value Statements

  1. Care for people in our community.
  1. We provide resources in times of hardship to empower those in need with confidence and independence.
  1. Well-being of families – providing support to encourage strong healthy families to enable a lasting impact on our communities.

Connect With Us

Contact Us

Mark Wezner Vice President Phone (586) 604-3144 Email connect@kukacaresfoundation.org Address 6600 Center Drive Sterling Heights, MI, 48312

KUKACARES Foundation Board Members 2019-2021

  • Mike LaRose President

    President and COO


    KUKA Systems LinkedIn

  • Mark Wezner Vice President

    Director of Supply Chain Management


    KUKA Systems LinkedIn
  • Jenny Husby Secretary

    Vice President HR Americas


    KUKA U.S. Holdings Company LLC LinkedIn
  • Shannon Maiorana Treasurer KUKA Systems LinkedIn
  • Larry Drake Member



    KUKA Systems LinkedIn
  • Brian Keith Member

    Vice President FCA/ Tier 1 Automotive Group


    KUKA Systems LinkedIn
  • Tamara Contesti Member

    HR Manager


    KUKA U.S. Holdings Company LLC LinkedIn
  • Paul Ambros Member

    CFO KUKA Automotive


    KUKA Systems LinkedIn
  • Aubrey Gojcaj Member

    Account Management and New Business Development


    TEC Group LinkedIn
  • Ron Adamkiewicz Member

    Vice President of Operations


    Indicon LinkedIn
  • Connie Mack Member



    Partner Personnel, Inc LinkedIn
  • Dennis DaSilva Member

    Manufacturers Representative


    Alliance Sales LinkedIn
  • Joe Pitlock Member

    Director of Standard Products & Automation


    ABT LinkedIn
  • John T. Jones Member

    Outside Sales and FCA/ Chrysler Account Manager


    H.H. Barnum LinkedIn
  • Vacant Position Member LinkedIn
  • Andy Werner Member



    Tunkers LinkedIn